Recent Deployment of Manpower in Projects
  • Overall migration studies for evaluation of polymer grades for FDI compliance-12 Grades
  • National Reference Laboratory
  • Value addition to instant coffee process
  • Non- digestible carbohydrates as functional mimics of human milk oligosaccharides
  • Skill Development Program on processing, preservation and value addition of Food & Agro based products for commercial use in Eight Aspirational Districts of Uttar Pradesh
  • Process analysis of corn processing, associated odour issues and suggestion of mitigation measures
  • Toxicological studies of Monascus purpureus CFR410-11 antifungal pigment fraction(s) and characterization of antifungal molecule(s)
  • A Production of pea protein isolate
  • Development of banana pseudostem inner core powder based extruded products
  • Application of BSG in food formulations
  • “Immuno modulatory function of nutritionals & nutraceuticals for health & wellness
  • Migration studies for evaluation of polymer grades for FDI compliance
  • Valorization of byproducts from fish industry
  • Scaling up the bio-fumigation technology for protection of stored food commodities from insect pests
  • Development and validation of handheld device for onsite detection of meat authenticity and microbial contamination

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