Recent Deployment of Manpower in Projects
  • Development and validation of fluori PCR-a handheld device for onsite detection of meat authenticity and microbial contamination
  • Effect of lactoferrin and plant ferritin based dietary supplements for enhancing the bioavailability of iron to treat iron-deficiency anemia
  • Valorization of byproducts from fish industry: Isolation and characterization of glycosaminoglycans for various applications
  • CSIR JIGYASA 2 virtual laboratory integration
  • Value added products from coffee leaves
  • Development of chito-conjugates of spice bioactives & clove oil nano-encapsulated polymeric films for enhanced bio- functionality & anti- inflammatory activity
  • Characterization of nutraceutically important metabolites from ulva lactuca
  • Deciphering the mechanism of host endophytes coevolution enhanced secondary metabolite production and crop productivity
  • Testing of analysis food samples
  • A process for scaling up of the production of edible eicosapentaenoic acid and docosaxhexaenoic acid enriched oil from fish industrial discard
  • Moisture sorption isotherm (MSI) studies
  • Development of rapid honey adulteration detection system
  • Synergizing marine ecology with bioprospecting: harnessing marine living resources for products and bioprocesses
  • Mitochondrial fusion associated with mitophagy and exosomes: A novel biomarker development and therapeutics in breast cancer progression
  • Understanding the maternal hypercholesterolemia induced programming of epigenetic circuits involved in the growth and maintenance of offspring’s skeleton

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